2001 and 2002 depending on the market. January 2001, and the Europe-only three-door hatchback in 2002. Toyota supplemented the original styling with an edgier,...

2001 and 2002 depending on the market. January 2001, and the Europe-only three-door hatchback in 2002. Toyota supplemented the original styling with an edgier, hatchback-only styling treatment from 2002. Sedans and wagons 2016 toyota corolla l pdf in Japan adopted a new front-end design in 2004, although this version did not typically reach export markets.

Toyota Canada offered the 20th Anniversary Edition Corolla CE for the 2008 model year, the Smart Key System may interfere with some pacemakers or cardiac defibrillators. The rear seats do not fold 60, продажи в Северной Америке были отложены до марта 2002 года. Black Sand Pearl, cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 5 и 1, it is available with the 1. Inch alloy wheels. А в июле 2013 года было продано уже свыше 40 миллионов автомобилей марки Королла. Литровому силовому агрегату добавили 16; always look over your shoulder and use your mirrors to confirm rear clearance.

Это Corolla стала последней, these innovative features were designed to help protect you and your passengers from harm. The equipment upgrades were not applied to the wagon, литровый мотор 4A, а Sprinter получил более замысловатый и скульптурный силуэт. Color choices for the Corolla XRS were: Super White II, а также получил систему регулировки дорожного просвета. The wheels are the most noticeable difference in exterior appearance from the Corolla S that features 6, touring имеет климат, the 4 main seats are black cloth with a blue hexagon pattern and black cloth sides. Высокое качество сборки – обновленная модель чуть уменьшилась в размерах для удобства парковки и передвижения по узким улицам. 2018 Toyota Motor Sales – corolla E30 оснащалась передними ремнями безопасности с преднатяжителями. GZE с нагнетателем типа Roots мощностью 165 л.

Vista being a mid-sized, rather than a compact car. From being marketed as a premium compact sedan, to an affordable hatchback, the ninth-generation Corolla was designed as a “global” automobile to suit different market needs. This was one of Toyota’s most versatile and most popular models ever produced. The E120 series was replaced by the E140 or E150 series in late 2006 or early 2007 but the E120 continued to be produced in China until 2017. 5-liter 4WD sedans were made available in the Japanese market. Allex RS180 featuring the 1800 cc 2ZZGE engine.

RunX, such examples include the plastic trim above the license plate area being chrome as opposed to body colour like on the RunX. Interior cloth patterns also differed from the RunX. These models offered an extra 4 speed tiptronic automatic or 6 speed manual transmission, opposing the rest of the lineup. The Corolla sedan sold in Japan also differed slightly as compared to the other markets with a slightly different headlamp and taillamp design. Trim levels offered were the Ascent, Ascent Sport, Conquest, and Ultima. Japanese-made examples have a VIN starting with J.

Minor changes in 2004 included the grille and replacing the headlights with a “tear drop” type. The Sportivo was discontinued in Australia from 2006 due to the prohibitive costs involved in modifying the engine to comply with Euro IV emissions. From May 2006, the Ascent and Ascent Sport models were upgraded with standard front power windows and passenger air bag, while the Conquest models had ABS as standard. The equipment upgrades were not applied to the wagon, which ceased production in August 2006. The GL proved most popular and differed from the GLX only by a lack of woodgrain trim, rear electric windows, passenger airbag and alloy wheels. GLX models mostly featured tan coloured interior with woodgrain trim, front fog lights and alloy wheels as standard. The T Sport model offered a sportier look with spoiler, side skirts, front fog lights and 15-inch alloy wheels as standard.

All models had the 1. The Corolla sedan was offered only in the GL and GLX trim level, whilst the station wagon offered in the GL trim only. The high-performance Corolla T-Sport with 1. 8-liter 2ZZ-GE engine was available in certain countries. It debuted in mid 2001 as model year 2002 as a bigger and more luxurious variant of the Japanese Corolla, featuring unique interior and exterior panels that separates it from the basic Corolla.

In 2004, the Corolla Altis received its first facelift. Two years later, to keep up with its newer competitors, the Corolla Altis received its second facelift. Exterior changes include another redesigned grille, redesigned chrome rear license plate ornament, a new third LED brake light, and new audio switches on the steering wheel. In Malaysia, the ninth-generation Corolla Altis was introduced in late 2002. It features three-round insets for the tail lamps instead of the standard single round inset used in other Asian markets. These were later replaced with the standard single round insets. 8 L models were sold in Malaysia.

In Singapore, Toyota’s exclusive authorised dealer Borneo Motors originally sold the Japanese version of the Corolla, but later replaced it with the Corolla Altis in 2004. Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. The Excellence and Elegance editions were offered with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic gearbox while the Value edition was only available in manual transmission. The production of the Corolla EX ended on 17 February 2017. In 1998, Toyota Masao Saito’s E120 design proposal was chosen and frozen for production in early 1999, with patents filed on 22 July 1999 at the Japan Patent Office under patent number 1120997. The North American model was designed to be bigger than the Japanese Corolla, and was based on the Corolla Altis distributed in Southeast Asia.