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China from 1861 to 1908, was addressed with “ten thousand years”. Long live the great leader Chairman Mao! The former is used as a counter for years of life, whereas the latter is used for periods of time and calendar years. Thus the phrase “ten thousand years” in its original sense refers to ten thousand years of life, and not a period of ten thousand years. The significance of “ten thousand” in this context is only that “ten thousand” in Chinese and many other East Asian languages represents the largest discrete unit in the counting system, in a manner analogous to “thousand” in English. English speaker might exclaim “there are thousands of ants on the ground”, the Chinese speaker would substitute it with “ten thousand” in the description.

The Emperor, may he live forever”. Long live the People’s Republic of China! Long live the solidarity of the peoples of the world! After Mao’s death, the phrase has never been used for any individual. Apart from these special cases, the phrase is almost never used in political slogans today. In casual conversation, however, the phrase is used simply as an exclamation of joy.