With the widening gap between overhead expenses and reimbursement, management of the revenue cycle is a critical part of a successful vascular accounts receivable...

With the widening gap between overhead expenses and reimbursement, management of the revenue cycle is a critical part of a successful vascular accounts receivable management best practices pdf practice. It is important to review the data on all the components of the revenue cycle: payer contracting, appointment scheduling, preregistration, registration process, coding and capturing charges, proper billing of patients and insurers, follow-up of accounts receivable, and finally using appropriate benchmarking. The industry benchmarks used should be those of peers in identical groups.

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Warning signs of poor performance are discussed enabling the practice to formulate a performance improvement plan. 2009 Society for Vascular Surgery. This chapter surveys the current management accounting and control practices by Chinese companies and factors that affect their adoption. This discussion is placed in the historical context of management accounting practices in China.

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