Advantages of three phase system over single phase system pdf boosting is very essential issue in renewable-energy fed applications. The classical two-stage power conversion...

Advantages of three phase system over single phase system pdf boosting is very essential issue in renewable-energy fed applications. The classical two-stage power conversion process is typically used to interface the renewable energy sources to the grid. For better efficiency, single-stage inverters are recommended. In this paper, the performance of single-stage three-phase grid-connected boost inverter is investigated when its gain is extended by employing over-modulation technique.

Using of over-modulation is compared with the employment of third order harmonic injection. The performance of extended gain grid-connected boost inverter is also tested during normal operation as well as in the presence of grid side disturbances. Simulation and experimental results are satisfactory. Peer review under responsibility of Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

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2013 Production and hosting by Elsevier B. Grid-tied inverters are the key components of distributed generation system because of their function as an effective interface between renewable energy sources and utility. However, the leakage current issues of transformerless inverter, which depends on the topology structure and modulation scheme, have to be addressed very carefully. This review focuses on the transformerless topologies, which are classified into three basic groups based on the decoupling method and leakage current characteristics. Different topologies under the three classes are presented, compared and evaluated based on leakage current, component ratings, advantages, and disadvantages.