Inoculation theory functions as a strategy to protect attitudes from change – to confer resistance to counter-advertising research theory and practice pdf influences, whether...

Inoculation theory functions as a strategy to protect attitudes from change – to confer resistance to counter-advertising research theory and practice pdf influences, whether such influences take the form of direct attacks or sustained pressures. The theory rests on the idea that weak counterarguments, ones that are easily refuted, bring in to play the person’s own desire to maintain their beliefs in the face of an attack.

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The person may not be intellectually capable of refuting a strong and well conceived attack, but able to find counterarguments to a weak attack, thereby strengthening the original belief of their own volition. Once this takes hold, the belief becomes resistant to a stronger attack, hence the medical analogy of a vaccine. Inoculation theory is used today as part of the suite of tools used by those engaged in shaping or manipulating public opinion. Rains, 2010, for a meta-analysis, and Compton, 2013, for a narrative overview.

Indeed, the analogy served as the inaugural exemplar for how inoculation confers resistance. Attitudinal inoculation seems to work the same way: Expose someone to weakened counterarguments, triggering a process of counterarguing which eventually confers resistance to later, stronger persuasive messages. This theory works like a metaphorical vaccination, implying that message recipients become immune to opposing messages trying to change their attitudes or beliefs about something. It suggests that if one sends out messages with weak counterarguments, an individual can build immunity to those messages and strengthen their original attitudes. It uses a threat on initial beliefs to trigger a person’s desire to fight against the threat, ultimately reinforcing their attitude. The idea of inoculation was derived from previous research studying one-sided and two-sided messages.

One-sided messages are supportive messages to strengthen existing attitudes, but with no mention of counterpositions. This method is effective in reinforcing extant attitudes of derision toward the opposition and support for the “mudslinging” candidate. If the audience supports the opposition, however, the attack message is ineffective. Two-sided messages present both counterarguments and refutations of those counterarguments.

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