The film follows a puppeteer who finds a portal that leads into Malkovich’s mind. Craig Schwartz is an unemployed puppeteer in a forlorn marriage...

The film follows a puppeteer who finds a portal that leads into Malkovich’s mind. Craig Schwartz is an unemployed puppeteer in a forlorn marriage craig keener john 15 pdf his pet-obsessed wife Lotte.

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Gaining a file clerk job through Dr. Mertin-Flemmer Building in New York City, he develops an attraction to his coworker Maxine Lund, who does not return his affections. Lotte becomes attracted to Maxine and they begin a sexual relationship via Lotte being inside Malkovich’s head while Maxine has sex with Malkovich. Craig, forsaken by both women, binds and gags Lotte and locks her in a cage, then enters Malkovich’s mind and has sex with Maxine. Craig, with his expert puppeteer skills, discovers that he is able to control Malkovich’s actions while in his head, causing the actor to feel paranoid that he is being controlled by someone else. Malkovich trails Maxine to the Mertin-Flemmer building, where he himself tries the portal into his own head and finds himself in a world where everyone’s face looks like his and they can only say “Malkovich”.

He is then ejected and meets Craig by the turnpike. Malkovich demands that the portal be closed, but Craig refuses. Lotte escapes with the help of her pet chimpanzee. She phones Maxine, revealing that it was Craig who was having sex with her while inside Malkovich. Maxine is annoyed but accepts it, because she enjoyed the experience.

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Lester is aware of the portal, and has a room dedicated to Malkovich’s life. Lester explains that the person who is connected to the portal becomes “ripe” for lasting occupation by others on the eve of their 44th birthday. However, when the host turns 44, the portal immediately moves to its next host, an unborn child. If it is possible for a person to take advantage of the “ripe” host and enter the portal then, one can greatly increase one’s lifespan, and then one can eventually move on to another host. However, if one misses the brief window of “ripeness”, and enters the portal even a minute too late, one will find oneself trapped within the unborn child who will be the next host.

Lester, who has been using the portal in order to prolong his life, reveals his plan to use Malkovich when “ripe” as the host for him and several of his elderly friends. Offered the chance to join Lester’s group, Lotte warns him that Craig currently has control of Malkovich. Craig finds he is able to remain in Malkovich indefinitely. He spends the next eight months in Malkovich’s body, and using his puppeteer’s control, he is able to turn Malkovich into a world-class puppeteer. He learns that she is pregnant as their relationship grows distant. As Malkovich’s 44th birthday approaches, Lester and his friends cut a deal with Maxine, and fake her kidnapping. They call up Craig, threatening to kill her if Craig does not leave Malkovich.