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Torrentz will dental decks part 1 pdf 2015 love you. Symptoms depend upon the type, dose, method, and duration of exposure. The effects of long-term low-dose exposure to methylmercury is unclear.

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Tests of the blood, urine, and hair for mercury are available but do not relate well to the amount in the body. Prevention includes eating a diet low in mercury, removing mercury from medical and other devices, proper disposal of mercury, and not mining further mercury. Chelation for those with long-term exposure is of unclear benefit. In certain communities that survive on fishing, rates of mercury poisoning among children have been as high as 1. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. All of these, except elemental liquid mercury produce toxicity or death with less than a gram.

20 times the acceptable Japanese standard. Small independent gold-mining operation workers are at higher risk of mercury poisoning because of crude processing methods. 50,000 work as galamseys in Ghana, a figure including many women, who work as porters. Similar problems have been reported amongst the gold miners of Indonesia. Mercury and its compounds are commonly used in chemical laboratories, hospitals, dental clinics, and facilities involved in the production of items such as fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and explosives. Compounds of mercury tend to be much more toxic than either the elemental form or the salts. The period between exposure to methylmercury and the appearance of symptoms in adult poisoning cases is long.

No explanation for this long latent period is known. The toxic damage appears to be determined by the peak value of mercury, not the length of the exposure. Its characteristics have not been studied as extensively as those of methylmercury. It is cleared from the blood much more rapidly, with a half-life of seven to 10 days, and it is metabolized much more quickly than methylmercury. Other exposure sources of organic mercury include phenylmercuric acetate and phenylmercuric nitrate. These compounds were used in indoor latex paints for their antimildew properties, but were removed in 1990 because of cases of toxicity.

Their higher solubility lets them be more readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The drug n-acetyl penicillamine has been used to treat mercury poisoning with limited success. Its vapor is the most hazardous form. Animal data indicate less than 0. Though not studied quantitatively, the physical properties of liquid elemental mercury limit its absorption through intact skin and in light of its very low absorption rate from the gastrointestinal tract, skin absorption would not be high. Chronic exposure by inhalation, even at low concentrations in the range 0.