The EU landing obligation and European small-scale fisheries: Fish handling at landing sites pdf are the odds for success? A landing obligation was recently...

The EU landing obligation and European small-scale fisheries: Fish handling at landing sites pdf are the odds for success? A landing obligation was recently put in place as part of the EU Common Fisheries Policy. The odds for success of a landing obligation in SSF are likely to be small at present.

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More negative social, economic and ecological impacts than benefits are anticipated. Research on the suitability of the obligation and creation of appropriate measures for SSF are needed. Given the reasonable success of the landing obligation in some countries such as the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway, this policy is seen as a viable approach to tackle the long-recognized discarding problem in EU waters. However, there has been some debate on whether there is sufficient evidence to support the feasibility of such a measure in the EU-CFP. This paper examined the appropriateness and feasibility of the recently implemented EU landing obligation in SSF. The effects in the long-term are unpredictable, but available evidence suggests that in the short to medium-term a landing obligation is likely to bring more negative social, economic and ecological impacts than benefits.

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