Foreman, at 45, had been on the comeback trail for several years after choosing to end his ten-plus year retirement. He had received a...

Foreman, at 45, had been on the comeback trail for several years after choosing to end his ten-plus year retirement. He had received a shot at Holyfield’s undisputed world championship george vs george book pdf 1991 but was defeated. Moorer rejected the idea, stating that he didn’t have the desire to do so.

Foreman then issued a challenge to the newly crowned champion, and his status as one of the most popular fighters in the sport along with the promise of a big payday led to Moorer ultimately accepting Foreman’s challenge. However, the fight almost did not take place. Foreman, who had not fought in over a year when the challenge was issued, was not ranked in the WBA’s pool of potential challengers. August 10, 1994 after the WBA threatened to strip Moorer of the title if he went through with it. Ten days later, Foreman won a lawsuit against the WBA to allow him to fight for the organization’s championship and the fight was back on. 900 fights in his career, was the referee for the bout. He had already refereed five world championship fights in 1994 alone.

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The ringside judges were Chuck Giampa, Jerry Roth, and Duane Ford. 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica by knocking him down six times in two rounds. Ali’s corner for that fight. Down goes Moorer on a right hand! An unbelievably close-in right-hand shot!

For most of the fight, Foreman had difficulty keeping up with the younger and faster Moorer. Despite this, Foreman kept standing in front of Moorer and taking his hardest shots while landing a few of his own. Repeatedly, he told Moorer not to advance on Foreman because he was looking for the opening to land the one punch he would need to put Moorer down. Moorer, meanwhile, had been landing so many shots to the challenger’s face that his left eye was nearly swollen shut. As the tenth round began, Dundee told a tired Foreman that he needed a knockout to win and this was the time to get it. The tenth was a turning point in the fight. Moorer was slowed down by a body shot early in the round, and Foreman’s punches started landing more consistently.

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