This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. How to write into a pdf multiplying effect increases the number of writes...

This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. How to write into a pdf multiplying effect increases the number of writes required over the life of the SSD which shortens the time it can reliably operate. Write amplification is typically measured by the ratio of writes committed to the flash memory to the writes coming from the host system.

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All SSDs have a write amplification value and it is based on both what is currently being written and what was previously written to the SSD. Many factors affect the write amplification of an SSD. The table below lists the primary factors and how they affect the write amplification. SSDs consuming these commands can then reclaim the pages containing these sectors as free space when the blocks containing these pages are erased instead of copying the invalid data to clean pages. Write amplification goes down and SSD speed goes up when data compression and deduplication eliminates more redundant data. If capacity limits of the NAND in SLC mode are approached, the SSD must rewrite the oldest data written in SLC mode into MLC or TLC mode to allow space in the SLC mode NAND to be erased in order to accept more data. However, this approach can reduce wear by keeping frequently-changed pages in SLC mode to avoid programming these changes in MLC or TLC mode, because writing in MLC or TLC mode does more damage to the flash than writing in SLC mode.

Therefore, this approach drives up write amplification but could reduce wear when writing patterns target frequently-written pages. However, sequential- and random-write patterns will aggravate the damage because there are no or few frequently-written pages that could be contained in the SLC area, forcing old data to need to be constantly be rewritten to MLC or TLC from the SLC area. Pages are written into blocks until they become full. Then, the pages with current data are moved to a new block and the old block is erased. Then the free pages left by not moving the stale data are available for new data. All SSDs include some level of garbage collection, but they may differ in when and how fast they perform the process. Garbage collection is a big part of write amplification on the SSD.

Reads do not require an erase of the flash memory, so they are not generally associated with write amplification. The process of garbage collection involves reading and rewriting data to the flash memory. This means that a new write from the host will first require a read of the whole block, a write of the parts of the block which still include valid data, and then a write of the new data. This can significantly reduce the performance of the system. This enables the performance of the device to remain high. If the controller were to background garbage collect all of the spare blocks before it was absolutely necessary, new data written from the host could be written without having to move any data in advance, letting the performance operate at its peak speed.

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