Further documentation is available here. Explore key human impacts on the environment and how they have affected Earth’human impact on the environment worksheet pdf...

Further documentation is available here. Explore key human impacts on the environment and how they have affected Earth’human impact on the environment worksheet pdf landscape, ocean, atmosphere, and biodiversity with this engaging interactive. Human activities are reshaping our planet in profound ways. The changes that have occurred in the last 50 to 200 years have led scientists to propose a new geologic epoch, called the Anthropocene.

Use this interactive to see how human population growth, air pollution, agriculture, mining, water use, and other human activities have impacted the environment and the mark they will leave in the fossil record. This activity supports independent inquiry and reading and interpreting graphs. Download the accompanying PDF worksheet for students to complete as they go through the Click and Learn. Earth is a dynamic planet that has guided—and been affected by—the evolution of life.

These resources highlight the deep connections between life and environment. Enhance your teaching of middle school life and earth science classes. Are we witnessing a sixth mass extinction? What factors threaten ecosystems on land and in the sea? What are researchers doing to try to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems? 1 0 0 -1 194.

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