Louise’s louise hay love your body pdf stepfather Ernest Carl Wanzenreid 1903-1992, who physically abused her and her mother. According to Hay, when she...

Louise’s louise hay love your body pdf stepfather Ernest Carl Wanzenreid 1903-1992, who physically abused her and her mother. According to Hay, when she was about 5, she was raped by a neighbor. At 15, she dropped out of University high school in Los Angeles without a diploma, became pregnant and, on her 16th birthday, gave up her newborn baby girl for adoption.

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She then moved to Chicago, where she worked in low-paying jobs. In 1950, she moved on again, to New York. At this point she changed her first name, and began a career as a fashion model. Hay said that about this time she found the First Church of Religious Science on 48th Street, which taught her the transformative power of thought. By Hay’s account, in the early 1970s she became a Religious Science practitioner. She claimed in the interview that she rid herself of the cancer by this method, but, while swearing to its truth, admitted that she had outlived every doctor who could confirm this story.