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Their original plan was to concentrate the wealth and lands of the Harlowes into the possession of Clarissa’s brother James Harlowe, whose wealth and political power will lead to his being granted a title. Clarissa’s grandfather leaves her a substantial piece of property upon his death, and a new route to the nobility opens through Clarissa’s marrying Robert Lovelace, heir to an earldom. James’s response is to provoke a duel with Lovelace, who is seen thereafter as the family’s enemy. James also proposes that Clarissa marry Roger Solmes, who is willing to trade properties with James to concentrate James’s holdings and speed his becoming Lord Harlowe. The family agrees and attempts to force Clarissa to marry Solmes, whom she finds physically disgusting as well as boorish. Desperate to remain free, she begins a correspondence with Lovelace.

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When her family’s campaign to force her marriage reaches its height, Lovelace tricks her into eloping with him. Joseph Leman, the Harlowes’ servant, shouts and makes noise so it may seem like the family has awoken and discovered that Clarissa and Lovelace are about to run away. Frightened of the possible aftermath, Clarissa leaves with Lovelace but becomes his prisoner for many months. She refuses to marry him on many occasions, longing to live by herself in peace. She eventually runs away but Lovelace finds her and tricks her into returning to the brothel.

Lovelace intends to marry Clarissa to avenge her family’s treatment of him and wants to possess her body as well as her mind. As he is more and more impressed by Clarissa, he finds it difficult to believe that virtuous women do not exist. The pressure he finds himself under, combined with his growing passion for Clarissa, drives him to extremes and eventually he rapes her by drugging her. Through this action, he believes that Clarissa must accept and marry him. It is suspected that Mrs. Lovelace’s action backfires, and Clarissa is more adamantly opposed to marrying a vile and corrupt individual like Lovelace.

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