The shoots are flat, with side shoots only in a single plane. 10 mm long, except young seedlings in their first year, which have needle-like...

The shoots are flat, with side shoots only in a single plane. 10 mm long, except young seedlings in their first year, which have needle-like leaves. The medical herbalism by david hoffmann pdf leaves are arranged in alternating decussate pairs in four rows along the twigs.

The male cones are small, inconspicuous, and are located at the tips of the twigs. The leaves are arranged in flattened fan shaped groupings with resin-glands, and oppositely grouped in 4 ranks. The mature leaves are different from younger leaves, with those on larger branchlets having sharp, erect, free apices. The leaves on flattened lateral branchlets are crowded into appressed groups and scale-like and the lateral pairs are keeled.

The solitary flowers are produced terminally. Pollen cones with 2-6 pairs of 2-4 pollen sacked sporophylls. Seed cones ellipsoid, typically 9-14mm long, they mature and open the first year. The thin woody cone scales number from 4-6 pairs and are persistent and overlapping, with an oblong shape, they are also basifixed. The central 2-3 pairs of cone scales are fertile.

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The seed cones produce 1 to 3 seeds per scale, the seeds are lenticular in shape and equally 2 winged. A number of cultivars are grown and used in landscapes. Homeowners will sometimes plant them as privacy trees. It can be easily split and resists decay. The wood has been used for many applications from making chests that repel moths to shingles.

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This page was last edited on 16 December 2017, at 17:51. The ability to synthesize a wide variety of chemical compounds that are used to perform important biological functions, and to defend against attack from predators such as insects, fungi and herbivorous mammals is called herbal medicine. This enables herbal medicines to be as effective as conventional medicines, but also gives them the same potential to cause harmful side effects. Plants included here are those that have been or are being used medicinally, in at least one such medicinal tradition. Few traditional remedies, however, have translated into modern drugs, although there is continuing research into the efficacy and possible adaptation of traditional herbal treatments.

Its seeds, leaves, bark, and flowers have been used medicinally for many centuries. The raw plant materials are toxic unless processed. Used for the urinary tract. Althaea officinalis Prague 2011 2.