Patient specific algorithms are crucial for achieving accurate detection devices. Multimodal detection systems rapid interpretation of ekg’s 7th edition pdf needed to meet the...

Patient specific algorithms are crucial for achieving accurate detection devices. Multimodal detection systems rapid interpretation of ekg’s 7th edition pdf needed to meet the requirements of seizure detection.

Closed-loop systems are recommended because they provide active feedback. The systems will improve as information from different patients accumulates. A proposal of seizure detection devices for each seizure type is made. Seizure detection devices allow an objective assessment of seizure frequency and a treatment tailored to the individual patient.

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A rapid recognition and treatment of seizures through closed-loop systems could potentially decrease morbidity and mortality in epilepsy. However, no single detection device can detect all seizure types. Therefore, the choice of a seizure detection device should consider the patient-specific seizure semiologies. This review of the literature evaluates seizure detection devices and their effectiveness for different seizure types. Our aim is to summarize current evidence, offer suggestions on how to select the most suitable seizure detection device for each patient and provide guidance to physicians, families and researchers when choosing or designing seizure detection devices.

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