Youth exposed to violence reported poorer mental health, delinquent behaviors, and juvenile justice involvement. Youth who reported higher rates roy miller on violence pdf...

Youth exposed to violence reported poorer mental health, delinquent behaviors, and juvenile justice involvement. Youth who reported higher rates roy miller on violence pdf ECV were more likely to report lower school bonding and student-teacher connectedness. Youth exposed to violence were more likely to use alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and engage in risky sexual behaviors.

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Though public health researchers are more aware of behavioral health concerns among African American youth, few studies have explored how exposure to community violence may be related to adverse youth concerns. This study examines the relationship between exposure to community violence and mental health problems, substance use, school engagement, juvenile justice involvement, and STI risk behaviors. A total of 638 African American adolescents living in predominantly low-income, urban communities participated in the study by completing self-report measures on exposure to community violence, mental health, school engagement proxies, substance use, delinquency markers and sexual risk behaviors. Adolescents who reported higher rates of exposure to community violence were significantly more likely to report poorer mental health, delinquent behaviors, a history of juvenile justice involvement, lower school bonding and student-teacher connectedness. These youth were also significantly more likely to use alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit substances, and engage in sexual risk behaviors. Findings suggest that there is a critical need for culturally relevant prevention and intervention efforts for African American adolescents who are frequently exposed to community violence.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. This review summarizes these theoretical perspectives and evaluates them according to epistemological criteria of parsimony, elegance, and empirical utility. A more in-depth review examines empirical links between psychological and neuropsychological disorders and domestic violence perpetration. This effort at theory-building advances the premise that domestic violence perpetration is better and more accurately understood as maladaptive coping, symptomatic of a range of psychological and neuropsychological disorders than as either a culturally supported strategy for male domination of women or as only learned behavior. We examine epistemological utility of current theories of domestic violence. Psychological and neuropsychological disorders are associated with domestic violence.

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