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Our new blog will still publish the same cutting-edge research, analysis, and commentary you expect from Rapid7. Training on PLC, PLC Ladder programming,. Click to see the code! To insert emoticon you must added at least one space before the code. Steps for the PLC to Drive communication. Using SIEMENS TIA portal software first we will configure hardware of the PLC and will assign IP address 192.

From TIA hardware Catalog we will select Control Unit SIEMENS G120 Drive module as per exact hardware Serial no. SINAMICS G120 CU250S 2 PN Vector V4. Please note that the IP address given to PLC and Drive control unit must be different and in same subnet. Now we will add standard telegram with Drive control module from the network view in TIA. S system in TIA Portal can be realized by using technology objects or predefined function blocks with a closed structure and also with standard communication functions which are using predefined PLC data types. By choosing the similar typical telegram in the drive, the PLC data type defines the data interface to the SINAMICS drive.