Please fill out this field. Download the Mouse or Maniac story. No trip into the wilderness is complete short stories for kids with pictures...

Please fill out this field. Download the Mouse or Maniac story. No trip into the wilderness is complete short stories for kids with pictures pdf telling a few spooky stories in front of the campfire. The stories don’t have to be anything fancy — the crackling fire, the dancing shadows and the natural sounds of the forest are enough to create a perfect atmosphere and send chills up everyone’s spine.

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The stories below are ideal short tales for campfire gatherings. For a printable PDF version of any of the stories, click the corresponding image. Access the “File” menu for both “Print” and “Save” commands. There once was a deserted house at the end of the street, just by the edge of the forest. My brother and I used to go there to hang out and play, despite — or perhaps because of — mom’s wishes for us to stay away. One warm summer evening we grabbed flashlights and headed over there.

It was really creepy, but we egged each other on and crawled in through the kitchen window, as usual. We had brought a deck of cards and were playing a bit of poker at the kitchen table when we suddenly heard a scraping sound upstairs. Probably just a mouse,” my brother said. The house had been empty for years so it seemed quite possible. A minute later we heard another scraping sound, only this time it was coming from the stairs on the other side of the house. My brother and I looked at each other for a few seconds, then both nervously giggled because we didn’t want to let on that we were getting scared. We dealt another hand of cards and kept playing.

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