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A young blonde woman wearing a short, gold dress poses your own worst enemy pdf a blue background and a three-piece circle. October 27, 1999 for sales of 1,300,000 copies in the United States. Music Awards, “My Own Worst Enemy” won the Modern Rock Track of the Year award.

My Own Worst Enemy” is, according to Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff, “the result of waking up and realizing you screwed up the night before”. 90s, and sang “My Own Worst Enemy” nude in the studio. According to Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff, “My Own Worst Enemy” “is the result of waking up and realizing you screwed up the night before. The first verse is about screwing up with your chick. Jay’s the king of having four ex-girlfriends show up to the same show. It’s funny watching him try to juggle”.

It happens when I’ve been drinking Jagermeister. I actually sang “My Own Worst Enemy” naked in the studio”. I stole a janitor cart, and me and five friends jumped onto the flatbed, rode down the sidewalk, and got chased by the cops. The next day, I found a couple of my friends were taken in by security, who were searching for me all night. I was tucked away in my hotel room, oblivious. Jay said that “My Own Worst Enemy” “isn’t based on any one of our particular personal experiences.

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It’s just a jumble of times where someone went out and had too much to drink. You say things you shouldn’t say and do things you shouldn’t do and then the next day you realize how bad you fucked up. A lot of people comment on the lyrics, but the hooky guitar riff doesn’t hurt either”. It’s just a little surreal. The song later achieved mainstream rock-radio success. On April 10, “My Own Worst Enemy” topped the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

The song was on both charts for 20 weeks. 1,300,000 copies in the United States. The song topped the Year-End Modern Rock Tracks chart and was number 18 on the Year-End Mainstream Rock chart. Lit was number four on the Year-End Hot Modern Rock Artists chart. My Own Worst Enemy” “totally loathsome, poisonous stuff, but quite addictive. 20 Essential Pop Punk Tracks Everyone Should Know” list. 14 Best Pop-Punk One-Hit Wonders”, and the channel called the song “self-deprecating and catchy”.

10 Best Pop-Punk Songs of All Time” list. Turn the guitars way up and turn the creativity way down. What you’re left with is a weak collection of songs that are listenable, but bland. A week earlier, Katz wrote that “My Own Worst Enemy” “is a great song because of its simplicity and short duration”. My Own Worst Enemy’ was so incredibly radio-friendly that it was hard not to get sucked into that punchy tune and sort of pathetic lyrics”. The opening line, ‘Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk? I didn’t mean to call you that’ might be the most pop-punk verse ever written”.

Lit appeared on Fuse’s “Spin 14 of Pop-Punk’s Best One-Hit Wonders” list. Lit on its “100 Best Pop Punk Bands” list, calling “My Own Worst Enemy” the band’s essential track. My Own Worst Enemy” sixth on its “Top 10 Pop Punk and Power Pop Songs of the Modern Era” list. My Own Worst Enemy” was on its recommended-tracks list.

Its music video was filmed by Gavin Bowden in a Las Vegas bowling alley. He continued, “We are the bowlers and the band playing inside the lounge. I think we can handle the stage, but we might need a few body doubles to roll some strikes”. 1999 The Year in Music”. NME Reviews – Lit : My own worst enemy – NME. This page was last edited on 11 November 2017, at 07:23. Facts for Life presents the most authoritative information about practical, effective and low-cost ways to protect children’s lives and health.

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